Negative Exponents Worksheet Answers

Negative Exponents Worksheet Answers

The worksheets can be made in html or pdf format both are easy to print. Or click the show answers button at the bottom of the page to see all the answers at once.

Circuit Training Negative Exponents Negative Exponents Algebraic Expressions Exponents

Multiplication and division with negative exponents this is a slightly advanced skill for this level but this should challenge your top students.

Negative exponents worksheet answers. Simplifying expressions with negative exponents it s all about viewing the problem from a far. In order to simplify bases raised to negative exponents you must make the exponents positive the shortcut for changing negative exponents into positive exponents is to flip the term with a negative exponent over the fraction line. You can also customize them using the generator.

Answers to applying the exponent rule for negative exponents 1 1 8 2 1 9 3 1 y7 4 1 w12 5 1 3x 6 1 25a2 7 4 c3 8 2p r5 9 6 q2 10 18a2 b3 11 x2 12 5z3 13 2xa4 14 3bc 5 15 b a 16 2p3 3n2 17 xz2 9y 18 4ac2 3b2 19 d2 abc 20 9t2v2w x2y2 21 4 3 22 25 4 23 81c2 4a2 24 27y3z3 125×3. Simplify the negative exponents enter the result as a fraction. Click show answer underneath the problem to see the answer.

Once the term has been flipped over the fraction line the exponent becomes positive. Negative exponents refer to bases that are raised to a power that is negative. Evaluating negative exponents practice worksheet 1 there are two distinct skills that we work on here.

Create free worksheets for practicing negative and zero exponents for grades 8 9 and algebra.

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