Measuring Angles Worksheet Protractor

Measuring Angles Worksheet Protractor

Explore our assortment of protractor worksheets to become adept at reading this instrument. Line up one of the arms of the given angles with the baseline of the protractor and measure them accurately.

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Measuring angles worksheet protractor. Inner and outer scales of a protractor read either the inner or outer scale of the protractor to measure the acute and obtuse angles in this hands on worksheet. Measuring angles using a protractor worksheets angles are an important concept in geometry and hence it becomes vital for grade 4 and grade 5 children to learn to measure them. Measuring angles with a protractor practice and mastery is easy with this math mastery packet.

The options below let you specify the range of angles used on the worksheet. Drawing and measuring angles with a protractor in these worksheets students use a protractor to draw and measure angles and determine if the angles are acute obtuse straight or 90 degrees. The size of the angle is the turn from one arm of the angle to the other and to measure this we require a protractor that comes with an outer and an inner scale.

Develop protractor usage skills. A protractor is a semicircular disk generally calibrated in degrees and used to measure or construct angles. His or her job is to use a standard protractor to measure the angles in degrees extending the lines with a straight edge if necessary.

This worksheet provides the student with a set of angles. This set of printable worksheets is perfect for practicing key skills independent practice small group work intervention homework and yes.

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