Naming Covalent Compounds Worksheet

Naming Covalent Compounds Worksheet

9 dihydrogen monoxide. Gradelevel9th to 12th grade.

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Covalent Nomenclature Worksheet Answer Key.

Naming covalent compounds worksheet. Given the formula of a covalent compound write its correct name. 9 P 4 S 5 tetraphosphorus pentasulfide 10 O 2 dioxide. Write the formulas for the following covalent compounds.

Naming Covalent Compounds – Key. Use electronegativity to determine the polarity of a bond or molecule. Amount of substance atoms molecules.

Chemical Formula Type of Compound. Binary Covalent Compounds Nomenclature Name the following compounds. You got that last sheet right.

4 hydrogen iodide. Mixed Ionic and Covalent Naming IV. Find its name or formula in the Acids List.

Naming Compounds Test Review Practice Name the following ionic compounds. 2 hexaboron silicide. 1 antimony tribromide SbBr 3 2 hexanitrogen silicide N 6 Si 3 chlorine dioxide ClO 2 5 iodine pentafluoride IF 5 6 dinitrogen trioxide N 2 O 3 7 ammonia NH 3 8 phosphorus triiodide PI 3 Write the names for the following covalent compounds.

Name These Covalent Compounds Name these Polyatomic Compounds Remember no prefixes CaSO 4 Calcium _____ K2CO 3 _____ carbonate CuNO 3 Copper I _____ NH 4Cl _____ chloride MgNO 32 Magnesium _____ K3PO 4 Potassium _____ Li 2CrO 4 Lithium _____. 7 ammonia nitrogen trihydride NH3. 3 chlorine dioxide.

Mixed Ionic and Covalent Naming III dd-ch. Mixed Ionic and Covalent Naming II dd-ch. Worksheet for Naming and Matching Covalent Compounds.

Write the electron dot structure Lewis Dot Structure for covalent compounds or ions. Nonpolar covalent C CCl 4 polar covalent D KCl ionic. IonicCovalent Compound Naming Solutions 1 Na 2 CO 3 sodium carbonate 2 P 2 O 5 diphosphorus pentoxide 3 NH 3 ammonia 4 FeSO 4 iron II sulfate 5 SiO 2 silicon dioxide 6 GaCl 3 gallium chloride 7 CoBr 2 cobalt II bromide 8 B 2 H 4 diboron tetrahydride 9 CO carbon monoxide 10 P 4 phosphorus 11 dinitrogen trioxide N 2 O 3 12 nitrogen N 2.

Unit 4 Covalent Compounds 1. A diboron hexahydride. Write the formulas for the following covalent compounds.

1 antimony tribromide SbBr3 2 hexaboron monosilicide B6Si 3 chlorine dioxide ClO2 4 hydrogen monoiodide HI 5 iodine pentafluoride IF5 6 dinitrogen trioxide N2O3 7 dihydrogen monoxide NH3 8 phosphorus triiodide PI3 Write the names for the. 4 Write the empirical formulas for the following compounds. Given the name of.

Then use the correct naming rules to write the correct names for each compound. Main contentNaming and Matching Covalent Compounds. H2 O and H2O2.

Hydrogen bromide or hydrobromic acid d Br2. More Mixed Ionic and Covalent Naming. Add to my workbooks 14.

Naming Rules Worksheet 1 Name _____ Date _____ Covalent compounds- consist of nonmetal only. C sulfur hexachloride. 6 dinitrogen trioxide.

7 Sulfur dioxide covalent SO 2 6406 8 Ammonium Chloride Ionic NH 4Cl 5350 9 Copper II oxide Ionic CuO 7955 10 Nitrogen tribromide covalent NBr 3 25371 11 Calcium chloride Ionic CaCl 2 11098 12 Potassium nitrate Ionic KNO 3 10111 13 Carbone monoxide covalent CO 2801 14 Silicon dioxide covalent SiO 2 6009. Practice naming both ionic and covalent compounds. Write the formulas for the following covalent compounds.

5 iodine pentafluoride. This is why we present the ebook compilations in this website. B nitrogen tribromide.

Continue naming both ionic and covalent compounds. 1 NH 4. Name Period Naminq Covalent Compounds Worksheet PART l.

If chemical formula starts with H- its an acid. D diphosphorus pentoxide. First identify whether these compounds are ionic or covalent.

NAME THE FOLLOWING COVALENT COMPOUNDS Name Chemical Formula 1. Write the correct name for. Solutions for the Naming Ionic Compounds Practice Worksheet 1 ammonium chloride 2 iron III nitrate.

Practice Moles and Equations MCQ PDF with answers to solve MCQ test questions. 3 Write the formulas for the following covalent compounds. Get gradually less excited about naming both ionic and covalent compounds.

Naming Covalent Compounds Worksheet Write the formulas for the following covalent compounds. 1 Nitrogen tribromide. Naming-covalent-compounds-answer-sheet 13 Downloaded from edu-devfulleredu on November 12 2021 by guest Download Naming Covalent Compounds Answer Sheet When people should go to the ebook stores search launch by shop shelf by shelf it is truly problematic.

Naming Covalent Compounds Solutions Write the formulas for the following covalent compounds. View Binary Covalent Compounds Nomenclature Worksheet Answers 1docx from CHEM 1030 at Kean University. 2 Name the following covalent compounds.

Hexaboron silicide chlorine dioxide hydrogen iodide iodine pentafluoride dinitrogen trioxide phosphorus triiodide Phosphorus trihydride Dichlorine heptoxide. If chemical formula consist of 2 nonmetals only- use the following naming rules. Naming Covalent Molecules Worksheet.

Ionic or Covalent Compound Name 21 CdBr 2 22 CrCr 2O 7 3 23 SBr 2 24 NH 4 2CrO 4 25 CuO 26 Pt 3PO 3 4 27 AlClO 4 3 28 NH 3 29 CaC 2H 3O 2 2 30 N 2O Chemical Formula Type of Compound. NAMING COVALENT COMPOUNDS WORKSHEET ANSWER KEY Download file read online affinity Born Haber cycle and enthalpy changes in solution.

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