Long E Worksheets

Long E Worksheets

E ee ea e e y ie and ei. The long e sound can also be expressed through words that end in the letter y.

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About these long e sound worksheets.

Long e worksheets. Consider the words feast breeze and shield. Each one will have a long e sound within the word. This is because many of the short e are a higher vocabulary level than normally seen by pre readers.

Long e sounds can be spelled several different ways. Phonics worksheets learn to recognize write read and pronounce words with the short e vowel sound. Kress j e ed d.

The vowel team ee appears in words such as the words. We created numerous long e worksheets to assist a child in learning the various ways the long e sound can be spelled. Green peel and speech.

Weak seal and beach. Long short e worksheets remove intimidation from reading and help your child achieve confidence in the classroom. Our long short e worksheets help children better grasp the usage of this vowel.

Our printable long e worksheets get your kids in grade 1 and grade 2 rattling off long e words effortlessly. The vowel team ea double vowel combination can be found in the words. This worksheet helps students develop their reading and writing skills and learn about spelling patterns making it a great addition to the second grade curriculum.

Printable games worksheets and learning centers. With practice sheets and fun activities galore students will enjoy learning about e. There are many ways to write the long e sound.

Worksheets for each vowel are differentiated. This set contains 17 printable pages where students will work with words containing the letters ea ee ey y and ie. Long e and short e mixed this unit contains worksheets that help students differentiate between words that have a short e and long e vowel sound.

Our worksheets offer fun exercises to help a child learn in an entertaining environment. The digital activity for this pdf has just the mid level version of each worksheet so four worksheets total that s 3 worksheets for long a e 3 for long i e 3 for long o. Home english language arts worksheets phonics long and short e vowel sounds when you practicing this series you will find that as far as short e sounds go you will see many repeats.

This page has a variety of printable worksheets and activities featuring words that have a short e vowel sound. As inconsistent as english spelling is having several ways of spelling the long e sound is all part of the game. For example the y sounds like an e in grumpy but an i in cry.

In yellow it makes a different sound. A long e is the sound of the letter e. This resource contains 12 worksheets 3 for each long vowel sound a i o and u.

The reading teacher s book of lists 5th edition. Full list of phonics topics. In this worksheet students read and complete each sentence with the correct long e word.

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