Histogram Worksheet Kuta

Histogram Worksheet Kuta

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Use the date from example 3 temperatures to create a histogram.

Histogram worksheet kuta. A 4 c 6 b 10 d 15 7. Complete the accompanying table and use the table to construct a frequency histogram for these scores. 1 234 555 56 677 778 13 hits in a round of hacky sack 2 746 797 67 687 767 65 hours slept draw a stem and leaf plot for each data set.

Free algebra 1 worksheets created with infinite algebra 1. Complete the frequency table below using the data in the frequency histogram shown. Draw a bar to represent the frequency of each interval.

Printable in convenient pdf format. Draw and label the axes. Histograms name date 1 create a frequency table and draw a histogram for each data set.

1 substance csubstance c calcium842iron1 538 cobalt1 495magnesium650 silicon1 414sodium97 7. Free geometry worksheets created with infinite geometry. Use the date from example 2 super bowl scores to create a histogram.

9852 1 page 2. P x2 0j1h5t skeuptbaz gsoonfltlwwaar e l ljcv h b xahl la ur iwgqhxttsp rdefsvearfvle ds v vm addnem lwwictqhv sijnvfgixn ictdef janligpelbzruar 1u. Worksheet by kuta software llc kuta software infinite algebra 1 visualizing data name date period 1 draw a dot plot for each data set.

4 the scores on a mathematics test were 70 55 61 80 85 72 65 40 74 68 and 84. Batting average shows the percent written as a decimal of the time a certain player gets a hit. If an 85 is the lowest score a student can earn to receive a b how many students received at least a b.

The 3 histograms below show the batting averages of the winners of the batting title in the major league baseball for both the american national leagues for certain years in the 1900s. Draw and label the. How to make a histogram.

The histograms below show the scores for mrs. Use a straightedge and a separate sheet of paper if necessary. Worksheet by kuta software llc pre algebra statistics 4.

Remember the x axis will be intervals step 2. Smith s first block class at red rock middle school. Smith s first and second block class at red rock middle school.

The histogram below shows the scores for mrs.

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