Circular Motion Worksheet

Circular Motion Worksheet

Here you can evaluate your knowledge about circular motions by answering the question listed below. Circular motion and inertia read from lesson 1 of the circular and satellite motion chapter at the physics classroom.

Circular Motion Worksheet Pack 1 No Forces

A man swings a 4 0 kg mass in a vertical circle 0 80 m in radius so that it is traveling with a velocity of 5 7 m s at the lowest point of the circle.

Circular motion worksheet. A puck on the end of string rotates at 16 rpm. What is the cyclist s acceleration. A cyclist turns a corner with a radius of 50m at a speed of 10m s.

Physics 12 circular motion worksheet 2 1. Worksheet uniform circular motion. Circular motion worksheet 2 16.

Circular motion worksheet 1 of 1 circular motion worksheet name period date 1. Compute the pulling force exerted by the man s hand at this point. Circular motion and gravitation.

What will be the tension in the string. Then i display the inertia homework worksheet solutions on the screen at the front of the classroom using my document camera but i keep the answers covered. Circular motion worksheet circular motion is the rotation of a body in a circular path or a circular orbit.

The radius is 0 85 m and the mass of the puck is 1 5 kg. In this circular motion worksheet students solve six problems including finding centripetal acceleration of rotating objects finding direction of acceleration of objects and finding tension force on strings attached to revolving objects. Circular motion worksheet answer sheet a.

What is the velocity of the puck in m s. How long will it take for the puck the complete 1 revolution. When an object is moving in a circular path or a circular orbit it is constantly changing it s direction.

An object is revolving in an orbit in a vertical plane. If the cyclist and cycle have a combined mass of 120kg what is the force causing them to turn. Sace stage 2 physics created by nick kryiazis.

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